For more than four centuries, eight Creators in Arita have carried a message from the old world to the new, speaking in a language of material. They have an answer for what leaves us inescapably questioning what we call progress.

Arita’s heart, forged in porcelain

You aren’t the first to drink a cup of tea, or eat a bowl of rice. An immeasurably deep well of experience precedes every taste and touch. Innumerable hands have crafted limitless shapes; eyes have observed the endless patterns of nature and continuously put back into the world the feelings they inspired. Design is always evolutionary.

Porcelain is a confounding substance that can look like stone and glow like glass. It can be light as a breeze, and stop a bolt of lightning. It is friendly to the body, to the earth it came from. It holds heat, it looks cool. Our questioning always feels new. Porcelain stands outside of passing time, telling us the answers were always in our hands. Porcelain is...