∞ARITA marks a new page in Japanese porcelain history

February 16, 2018

∞ARITA made its North American debut at the international lifestyle and gift trade show NY NOW, which was held at Javits Convention Center in NY from February 4th to 7th. Part of a three-year project sponsored by the Saga Prefectural Government to promote Arita ware in the U.S. market, the group’s participation in NY NOW conveyed Arita’s rich history and exquisite craftsmanship.


“It’s as if you’re in a museum. You can see the high quality Japan possesses.” (Exhibitor)




Photos by: Samuel Morgan Photography Inc.


A special reception party was held the day after the show, targeted toward the Japanese community residing in New York. Held at the Nippon Club, a prestigious venue which aims to support the Japanese community of NYC, Ambassador Reiichiro Takahashi of the Consulate-General of Japan in New York and many others attended, to commemorate the newly established brands of Arita.


“400 years ago, the masters of Arita had the ambition to make Japan’s very first porcelain. Passed down through generations, that passion lives on today, and is once again challenging the world from New York; and as a fellow Japanese I am very proud … I’d like to commemorate this passion and call it ‘ARITA PRIDE’.” (Nobu Kimoto, of NY Batten-kai, a Kyushu-originated civic organization).




With pride in our hearts, ∞ARITA will continue to prosper in the following months.


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