Functionality and elegance in equal measure. The science of porcelain in the service of beauty and practicality.

The elegance of the Hachi series by Daikei belies its intelligence. Make it of material that rivals the heaviest cookware in performance, that can stand up to and retain the heat of induction, fire, microwave, yet make it light and manageable – and do it with unmatched style.

400 years ago, Japanese homemaking looked to current technology and found that, if done right, a vessel made in porcelain could transform pure, fresh rice and vegetables, and pure, fresh water into culinary joy. This was the way rice was done, when it was meant to be done right.

Yes, there’s complicated science involved in the way porcelain retains heat, how the weight of the lid allows just so much fluid to escape, to maintain just the right level of steam pressure. And yes, measuring and timing require a little more consideration than running a faucet and tapping an LED switch.

Joy takes longer, joy takes attention, but nothing is better.

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