The fire of Arita’s kilns lies within them, the fire within you makes them shine.

These works in porcelain stand proudly apart from the functional. Their only, unabashed purpose is to turn the head and draw the eye. Luxurious is Arita’s first studio to produce fine jewelry in porcelain.

Having made a name for herself in and around Arita for some time as part of a new generation, ardently carrying the baton of traditional design arts like flower arrangement into the new century, Sakaida Kazumi founded her company Luxurious in 2006 to produce bold, wearable accessories in natural materials. In the following year her work found favor in better department stores across the nation, from Fukuoka to Tokyo. She brought her elegant, confident sensibility to interior design for Fukuoka Mitsukoshi’s classic bridal space in 2009.

For her studio, and in the eyes of its master, it’s from the accumulation of small, deliberate acts of forming beauty out of nature, making objects to surround us, to adorn us, that an environment of luxury is sown. Here is the power and richness of Arita’s heritage, in small, strong gestures that flatter the body and captivate the senses.

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