Bearing the legacy of centuries of classical culture is very serious business, but Shobido has found some friends up to the task.

These friends just won’t leave you alone with stories about life that they’re so brimful of, bursting with, that it beams from their very presence. Their porcelain coats in constant motion, they seem to speak an ancient tongue, but you’ve never heard words like this before. From a studio renowned for its practical and decorative tableware, a challenge to itself – craft porcelain for modern times that looks at the world the way we know it now, and puts comfort, warmth and humor close at hand.

Founded in 1948, Shobido’s mastery of traditional Ko-Imari tableware has been recognized throughout Japan, as well as by its presence in Germany’s State Art Collection in Dresden, home to the most discerning purveyors of porcelain. Taking “beauty, unaffected by time” as its core message, Shobido mastered the motifs that illuminate the majesty and vitality of nature in ways that were familiar from a bygone era, and came to characterize Arita itself. Earnest expressions of gratitude for having been graced with an environment that gave life to its residents, a livelihood to its artisans.

But the tenor of the day asks that the other side of that reward make its appearance, the joyous, playful side. No less an essential part of nature, this is the recognition of human nature’s place in the scheme of things. Nature smiles upon us, and we smile.

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