Special collaboration of Japanese food, sake and tableware featuring Koransha

November 12, 2018

One of our brands Koransha will be presented at a special collaboration of Japanese food, sake and tableware, happening at NYC restaurant Mifune this month.


Mifune, a modern Japanese restaurant located on East 44th Street which opened its doors early last year, serves traditional Japanese recipes placing “supreme importance on the seasonal bounty of the land and sea, and reimagines it using French techniques to create innovative, artistically composed dishes”. For this special collaboration, Mifune will use one of Japan’s prestigious tableware manufacturer Koransha’s new tableware to accent dishes made just for this event. Pairing it with Japanese sake brewery Amabuki, it will be a special night where you will be able to enjoy not only Japanese food and sake, but Japanese tradition as well.

This event came to be as the collaborators all have roots to Saga Prefecture of Japan: Hiroki Yoshitake, the menu producer and chef of Mifune, is from Saga, along with Koransha and Amabuki. Although the event does not focus on the region, they hope to bring to light the wonders the region holds.
For reservations or inquiries, please call 212-986-2800.


Date: November 27th (Tu)
Time: 5:30pm or 8:00pm
Where: Mifune at 245 East 44th St.


Founded in 1689, it is one of the prestigious Japanese porcelain manufacturer from Arita, the birthplace of Japanese porcelain. Also the oldest tableware maker in Japan, and the purveyor to the Japanese Imperial Household.

Founded in 1688 near Amabuki Mountain of Saga Prefecture, it is a prestigious sake brewery which uses flower yeasts to bring out unique sake flavors. It has one Gold Prize of the National New Sake of Excellence five consecutive years.

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